Washington, Noma Parks Foundation announces second underpass art park finalist on L street.

second art park finalist

Lightweave translates ambient sounds from the site into dynamic auroras of patterned light. Slowly changing lighting effects are activated by the noise and vibration of passing trains, cars and other sounds from the neighborhood. Lightweave animates the underpass with variable intensities of illumination and creates a meditative and interactive experience.

Typical sound events in the immediate area range from 50dB+ (passing automobiles in the tunnel) to 100dB+ (train horns). Lightweave translates these sound events into fluid wave patterns of light. Similar to dropping a single pebble into an undisturbed pond, waves of light slowly oscillate through the Lightweave. Multiple sounds will create dynamic visual overlaps. The quality and placement of lighting elements will enhance safety and comfort. Ambient light levels can also be increased during the evening and will enhance the overall ambiance of the area to ensure visibility of pedestrians by motorists.



Washington, Noma Parks Foundation announces first underpass art park finalist on M street.

first art park finalist

The tunnel interior rains with light – a fixed bright pointillist plane that turns a dark roof into a glowing field, radiating shifting curtains of light that cascade overhead like a set of waterfalls, guiding you along the sidewalk, down along the length of the tunnel. Four programmable patterns vary the intensity and placement of points within the LED field, creating a still effect of cascading waves, responsive to both automobile movement and the time of day.